“The Boys!” Meet the 2014 Steers of Crazy Mountain Grassfed Beef.

The Boys 2014

Here they are! This year’s steers began their happy entry into life on our ranch at the base of the Crazy Mountains in April 2012. Healthy babies, they weighed approximately 60 lbs each at birth.

They spent the next months wandering through the plentiful summer grasses with their mothers. When they were ready to eat on their own, we weaned them in November and put them on a high quality diet of alfalfa grass and hay for the winter. Their first winter we fed  them our own ranch-harvested hay until around the end of April, when we could move them to a summer pasture where they could forage for themselves. As always, everyone was excited about the spring green grasses! They spent that summer roaming freely, grazing through the fresh grasses growing on our ranch. What an idyllic, peaceful sight.

This last winter was a long one. It snowed and snowed. And then it snowed some more! Once again, we fed them our own ranch-grown hay during the cold months; this year we didn’t stop feeding them until early May with all the snow on the ground!

Now 28 months old, these pure-bred Black Angus cattle (bearing the same ear tag numbers as their mothers) are full-grown after another beautiful summer on the ranch. They are big, shiny, and filled with the summer grasses that give them their unique flavor we have all come to love. In just a few weeks we will be taking them in for harvest at our favorite local processor. Grassfed and finished, our cows are healthy from start to end. We hope you are as excited as we are about the high quality in nutrition and flavor in our meat raised locally with love!