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Cow Shares for this season are sold out!

Please Contact Us to get on the waiting list for next season’s Cow Shares.

Quarter Cow $6.75/lb (approx. 90 lbs.)

Half Cow $6.50/lb (approx. 180 lbs.)

Whole Cow $6.25/lb (approx. 360 lbs.)

What is in a typical share?

Each 1/4 cow share yields approximately 1 Round Roast, 2 London Broils, 5-7 Cube Steaks, 3 Sirloin Steaks, 3-4 NY strip steaks, 2-3 Sirloin Tips, 3-4 Tenderloins, 1-2 Chuck Roasts, 1 TriTip Steak, 3 Ribeyes, 2 Flat Irons, 1 Arm Roast, 1 Skirt Steak, 1 Brisket, 3-4 lbs Stew Meat, 25-30 lbs of Burger.
Prices are based on finished weight and include all processing costs.
Custom cutting available on half and whole cow shares.

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